Interpreting the Devil card #15

22 Major Aarcana of Tarot - the Devil

The Devil is among the 11 trumps from the 22 major arcana that symbolize the various stages of the human condition, with the Pope, the Papess, the Emperor, the Empress, the Mountebank, the Fool, the Hanged Man, the Unnamed, the Lovers, and the Hermit. As a psychic reader, I am offering you free and extensive explanations about this Tartot Arcanum.

Characteristics of the Devil card

The Devil Arcanum can grant you enough power to dominate the material world. It symbolizes the expression of feelings of pride, vanity, and egotism. The card expresses the manifestation of extremely human and noxious feelings like a tendency for malice, slander, and the urge for chaos and violence to meet your own goals.

Temptations are strong, and mainly motivated by pride and the swift fulfillment of your desires of any kind. As hinted by its symbol, the Devil tarot card entices you to express the darker sides of your personality. It urges you to use your physical strength and to craft canny intrigues, plots, schemes, and manipulation to satisfy your material and sensual desires. 

The Devil - Tarot of Marseille

Drawing the Devil card

The tarot card in a reading unveils that the person who drew that Arcanum is strongly attracted to any purely materialistic desire and satisfaction, pushing any pleasure from the senses to their limit. That person is also strongly attracted to domination and power over others. He or she has no scruples and will willingly do anything to meet their goals.
The Devil also means that this person if gifted with a great vitality, a huge sexual appetite and an outstanding dynamism that is but rarely satisfied. That being is also gifted with great intelligence and sensitivity, leading to endless introspection and many unfulfilled great dissatisfactions.
There will be a high price to pay for that person to fulfill their desires. The Devil card represents terrestrial pleasures of all kinds, most particularly sexuality, even in its darkest aspects sometimes, which can lead to vice. The person is obsessed with their own pleasure and the one they will draw from their actions without thinking about the potential harm they might do. They are looking for immediate satisfaction without any second thought about consequences.

Their desires are like drugs that can cloud their vision because they are too strong. The whole range of passion, sensuality, excess, and thirst for power, but also corruption, depravity and seduction lurk around anyone who draws the Devil Tarot card.


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