What is my Planet Sign?

What is my Planet Sign

You may not be aware of this but each zodiac sign is associated with a planet…well, we use the term planet but more accurately they are associated with a celestial body as not all of them are planets. Are you asking yourself: what is my planet? Not to worry! In this article we are going to answer exactly that question. We’ll take a look at each of the zodiac ruling planets and briefly discuss what this means for each zodiac. As we explore these zodiac signs and planets, we will answer questions such as: what is my birth planet?

What is my Planet Sign?

What is my planetmay seem like a bizarre question to ask so we’ll take a moment to explore why it is important. Within astrology, each planet will at some stage or another find itself within a zodiac constellation. All zodiac signs are influenced by all planets but your ruling planets (i.e. your birth planet) is the one that carries the most power.

Knowing when your ruling planet will appear in your zodiac constellation can be important knowledge for any psychic or astrologist. We’re going to start off with the non-planets. It’s important to note that they are still referred to as ruling planets.

The Moon

The moon is the Cancer ruling planet which benefits those belonging to that star sign as it means their ruling planet passes through their house once a month. The natural rhythms of the moon: both in terms of its own cycles/phases and its influence on the Earth’s tides play an important role within the Cancer zodiac sign as it highlights the need for consistency within their lives.

The Sun

The sun represents the Leo ruling planet. If you know a Leo then you’ll understand why this association is a particularly appropriate one. The fiery personality and the sometimes hot-headedness of a Leo can only be matched by the might of the only star in our solar system.


Mercury is both the Gemini ruling planet and the Virgo ruling planet. If you’re either of these signs and are asking yourself: what is my planet sign’s meaning? Then you’ll be interested to hear that Mercury, as the planet closest to the sun, is an agent of chaos. Through this chaos, those of Virgo and Gemini have can become master improvisers and will have no problem saying whatever they feel. Both these zodiac signs can take control under pressure but where Gemini focuses on communication, Virgo focuses on action.


In search of the Libra ruling planet and the Taurus ruling planet we come across Venus. The differences between these two planets work to highlight the importance of understanding ruling planets. After all, what is my planet sign if not a further exploration of the zodiac? We find that both of these zodiacs enjoy the finer things in life which is really all they have in common, yet through Venus’s retrograde, both of these signs will find themselves exploding with creativity and the desire to express themselves through new and unique forms.


Mars is the Aries ruling planet and the Scorpio ruling planet. Perhaps you now have your answer to the question: what is my planet? Older civilizations considered Mars to be the God of war but also of agriculture. These two different sides to Mars are apparent in both Scorpio and Aries. Where Scorpio fights to the bitter end to achieve a victory, never giving up until they succeed, Aries prefers to turn to more long term plans rather than impulsive behaviors. Mars is considered the Ancient ruler of Scorpio, something we will touch on in a moment.


Jupiter marks the Sagittarius ruling planet and as the largest planet in our solar system, its immense power is not something to ignore. Jupiter takes about 365 (a year) to move from one house to the next, meaning that for the Sagittarius, their ruling planet will provide them with power for a whole year…but only once every 12 years. Jupiter is also the ancient Pisces ruling planet but well explore its modern ruling planet in more detail.


Saturn is the Capricorn ruling planet but also the Ancient Aquarius ruling planet. Saturn may be smaller than Jupiter but it’s also further away and slower moving, meaning that it takes a whopping 28.5 years to complete a full zodiac cycle. This means that for a Capricorn, Saturn will be in their house for 2.3 years! Saturn is the furthest planet from Earth that can be seen with the naked eye which is appropriate given that Capricorns can see their place in the world and understand the role that they play.


Since its discovery, Uranus has been assigned Aquarius due its discovery during the time of two important revolutions: The French and the American. Of course many people choose to ignore the modern associations and instead focus on the ancient ruling planet of Saturn.


Upon the discovery of Neptune, Pisces was moved from Jupiter to the 8th planet in the solar system. Many felt that the smaller, blue planet was a better fir for a Pisces than the giant Jupiter. This is somewhat due to the nature of a Pisces to hang back in the shadows slightly while they consider the situation they find themselves in.


When taking a look at the zodiac ruling planets, Pluto becomes an interesting topic to explore. Pluto is no longer considered a planet and so there is debate amongst astrologers as to whether or not Scorpio should simply remain with its ancient ruling planet, Mars, or still remain with its more modern planet, Pluto. As many of the zodiac “planets” aren’t actually planets, the fact that Pluto is no longer considered a planet doesn’t need to be a major issue. 

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